My abstract work is entirely about exploring movement, shape and emotion through colour. These abstract paintings are moments from my life, snapshots in time captured on canvas in full colour. They often flirt with the idea of 'weird' in what feels like a wonderfully joyful way. They are somehow interesting and alive – as if there is some mischief hiding in the shadows.

I've selected some of my favourite paintings to create as wall art prints. These delightfully playful paintings unapologetically honour my love of all things offbeat and will add extra flair to your home!

Thoughtfully composed yet spontaneously created, each piece is full of a curious wonder to make you, and the people around you smile. They are a whole-hearted expression of joy.

A glimpse into the studio

Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby at work in her art studio

Beyond the landscapes, my abstract life

There is simply nothing - absolutely nothing - more essential to my art practice than the countless hours I spend mucking around with paint.