Colección: 'Forever Skies'

Holding "the whole damn sky" in my mind, and with big brushes and giant canvases, I set out to paint skies that felt like forever. There's a freedom to painting large that I love - there's room to explore, the scale can be looser and the brushstrokes are full of a beautiful energy.   
My imagination soared and I was swept away as these big skies emerged. I wanted each to capture the vast, marvelous wonder of an endless sky. For my brushstrokes to harness the energy of the wind, and the horizons to reflect the colours of my heart. Most importantly, I wanted each of these skies to *feel* ever-changing and limitless.
colorful abstract sky painting prints hanging on living room art wall

Art print pairing

A modern twist on the traditional gallery wall: a feature set of two or three framed art prints.

Abstract art painting on canvas Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby

Painting LARGE! 'Forever Skies'

The story behind my last collection of original paintings and prints of 2021. Wrapping up an incredible year with some big billowy magical skies!


Prints "in the wild"

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