Susannah Bee original abstract painting

'Colour play'

Distinctly abstract colour "play" is just as much a part of my art practice as more polished landscape or floral painting. The freedom to just let myself blob paint down and try new shapes and brushstrokes and compositions is complete joy to me. I try to keep my critical voice at bay while I explore (something incredibly difficult for someone like me!) and just give myself permission to experiment.  

Susannah Bee original abstract painting colour play

These 'play' sessions are both incredibly fun as well as ... incredibly frustrating.  There's nothing like the feeling when the piece i'm painting seems to be coming together and somehow ends up as a fabulous curious, colourful abstract.  It's like seeing a tangible reflection of my most connected, joyful self. 

Susannah Bee original abstract painting colour play

The flipside is when the magic isn't there and everything looks terrible and feels forced and I make no progress in any way despite hours trying.

And yet ...and yet. I keep coming back to my paints day after day after day. Call it obsession, call it passion, call it an addiction, affliction or fixation for it is all those things and more. Whatever "it" is, it's what i'm chasing and loving and hoping keeps coming out to play.

Susannah Bee original abstract painting colour play

There is one very special abstract print available now in my webshop - it represents curiosity and joy in its most pure form.

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