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Collection: Abstract Originals for sale

What if the addition of some original art could have a transformational impact on your living space? Thoughtfully integrating abstract art into interior design has this potential, whether it’s a cluster of smaller bursts of colour or a single large statement abstract painting.  

Abstract paintings encourage creativity and free thinking. Each offers a world to explore. The colours, shapes and textures in an artwork are an open invitation to engage your imagination, break from routine and spark new ideas. 

The selected abstract paintings here are ones that I feel best capture the ‘magic’ I search for with my abstract work. That’s the special something that reveals itself in the space between intention and serendipity, when I’m most connected to the rhythm of the creative process and have quieted my critical inner voice.

The playful shapes and lively colours in my abstract paintings will help you create a cheerful space that invites you to relax and unwind in. I'd love for you to find yourself, or a playful part of yourself, reflected in my imaginative rainbow. Explore these abstract originals and let the colourful adventure inspire you to embrace more colour and leave boring behind.

I’ve written more about my creative process in painting abstracts on my blog as well as about my larger collections, ‘Somersault’, ‘Wintergarden’ and ‘Detours’ if you’d like to get to know me and read about my work a bit more.

large-scale abstract painting for sale