Inspired by gardens bursting with colour, warm breezes which make petals dance and the perfectly imperfect nature of nature itself. Each acrylic flower painting in the 'In Bloom' collection is the cheerful result of a journey to explore my love of and fascination with flowers.

Collection: Contemporary florals

“To plant a flower is to believe in tomorrow. To paint a flower is to believe in forever”

The floral wall art in this collection of fine art prints feels fresh and alive. These are cool, contemporary, and forward-looking flower art prints inspired by the array of shapes and colours of my favourite flowers.

Bring a botanical vibe to your home with flower wall art

There is a place for floral artwork in every home, no matter if your decor tastes tend towards bohemian, traditional, or moody aesthetics. Just like a vase full of fresh-cut flowers, floral art prints are a great way to bring the beauty of a garden to your home.

Gallery walls are a popular way to reflect your interests and passions and add personality to a blank wall. Including some modern floral paintings to bring out a particular colour theme or just add a breath of freshness is a lovely option worth exploring.

Equally, if you want to work a daisy chain of flower art prints through a room, my small flower prints are 10” x 10” which is the perfect size to dot around and get that flower power in there.

Or why not go big! A statement floral canvas print can be a spectacular focal point in a living room, bedroom or office.

Three of the flower art prints in this collection have horizontal options. 'Green Garden', 'Pink Garden', and 'Grey Garden' play with the colours and textures of floral arrangements and are beautiful options to consider for art over the bed, sideboard or kitchen. All of my flower wall art is available created on archival quality paper or as canvas art prints.

I wrote about developing this collection of acrylic flower paintings - from initial idea through to first sketches and painting on my blog for you to enjoy. 

From my garden to your home, I hope you love this collection as much as I do!

navy blue acrylic flower painting in the art studio of Canadian artist Susannah Bleasby
Acrylic flower painting in progress artist Susannah Bleasby painting

Behind the scenes

The story of the 'In Bloom' collection of original acrylic flower paintings - an intensely creative 9 week period. Read on for insight into my creative process from inspiration to the collection of original acrylic flower paintings, fine art prints and greeting cards!