Collection: Original Paintings for sale

When you purchase an original painting you are purchasing something one of a kind. Each original is a singular creation painted in my Hamilton, Ontario studio and has my signature on the reverse side. 

This selection of original paintings for sale holds the promise of brightening the walls in your home. Take your time to explore and discover the stories that unfold with each brushstroke. From bold abstracts that dance with energy to tranquil landscapes and breezy abstract skies, you’ll find a range of moods among these artworks. 

Something smaller to include in a gallery wall

Many of the paintings here are smaller sizes, perfect for inclusion in a gallery wall. I love a good gallery wall! There is a place in every home for one. Grouping images together helps you create an atmosphere and tie a room together while including a mix of sentimental favourites, treasures picked up along the way, and splashes of colour into your decor.

Make a statement with a big piece of art!

There are some fabulous oversized original paintings here too. Statement-sized original paintings are a marvelous way to anchor a room with a single image, and create a focal point of interest and visual impact. Large-scale paintings have the ability to direct the flow of energy in a room without adding clutter. Although selecting a single artwork might feel like a big commitment, a well-chosen oversized painting will make a bold statement in a clean, minimalist manner.

original acrylic paintings for sale