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Original Painting 60" W x 36"H

I have such a clear memory of this view. I had kayaked out into and around a lake I wasn't familiar with, truthfully, well beyond my safe limits. I was so lost in the motion of paddling, the lapping sounds of the water on the hull, the spectacular views ahead that I really wasn't paying attention to time or distance. I leaned back and just revelled in the feeling of being alone and at one with the moment. Just me, the lake and one long, uninterrupted gorgeous lake view. I surrendered to nature and with surprisingly little effort on my part, I let the current take me home. The lake looked after me that day, as they always do.

60" W x 36" H 

Acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas.

This acrylic lake painting is also available as a fine art print in multiple sizes here.

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