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Midsummer Skyscapes Collection Preview

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Inspired by Spring - Ready for Summer

It started with a hint of warmth in the air, longer days and waking to the sound of early morning bird songs. As I watched the trees and gardens bloom around me on my ride into the studio each morning, the excitement and energy of spring filled me up and flowed out of my paintbrush as I painted the colourful and vibrant skies I most love.

The joyful result of my spring painting sessions is a glorious series of big abstract skies and beautifully dynamic clouds. Each sky painting is painted in acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas, and ready to add a splash of colour to your wall decor.


acrylic sky painting of muted pastel clouds at sunrise
'Aurora' 40" x 40" $2750 CAD

My 'Aurora' sky is an exploration of the first light of day with some softly daring color choices. This is a cloud painting that shimmers with the colours of early morning light in the moments before sunrise. From the yellow glow of the soon-to-be emerging sun at the horizon to the pink and peach tones that are pushing off the dusty green remnants of the night sky, the colours dance in translucent clouds and reflect their light into a still lake below.

And speaking of pink, I got rather fixated on pink this spring - and I mean PINK, in all its fabulous hues and delicious mixes. From peach and blush tones to intense raspberry red, pink is the heartbeat of these new mid-summer skies.


acrylic sky painting of dramatic colourful morning clouds
'Neverending' 48" x 48" $3500 CAD

'Neverending' is a sky painting full of drama and fascination with colour. It depicts a scene where you can imagine the sensation of feeling tiny in a vast landscape, beneath an immense vibrant sky. It's a place to pause, reflect and find inspiration in the natural wonder above you.

Where 'Neverending' is bold and dramatic, 'Ever and Ever' is soft and gentle. The sky is filled with blush-tinted pink and peach clouds, soft enough to be blown about by the wind, but strong enough to blanket the scene. The textures in this sky painting and full-spectrum colour palette blend beautifully to reflect the energy of the abstract scene.


acrylic sky painting soft colourful abstract clouds
'Ever and Ever' 40" x 40" $2750 CAD

Looking at this new series, I can see not only my distinctly softer colour choices but also subtle, softer brushwork emerging. There's a sense of true surrender to the endless wonder of an ever-changing sky captured on these canvases. Warm. Inviting. Peace. Love.


acrylic sky painting rainbow pastel palette in morning clouds
'Belleweather' 40" x 40" $2750 CAD

The bright pastel colour palette in 'Belleweather' is full of joy and the fresh excitement of renewed energy. It's a cloud painting that captures all the beauty of an early morning spring sky on canvas. 

Rounding out the collection of original skyscapes is 'Sun Spun', the most abstract and unique of the bunch. It's exactly the kind of sky painting I like to see emerging from the studio - a beautiful reminder that staying curious and trying new things is at the core of my creative heart.


acrylic sky painting golden morning sunrise
'Sun Spun' 40" x 40" $2750 CAD


A word about art prints 

So that I can keep sharing my love of colour and the joy within my work, all of these beautiful mid-summer skyscapes will also be available as archival quality fine art prints. The texture of the brushstrokes in each sky painting and the colour palettes work beautifully in the print format, and I'm proud to have these in my print collection. When you fall in love with one of these colourful summer skies but don't quite have the space to accommodate a full-size original, an art print opens up a world of options to add a splash of colour to your wall decor.


The collection goes live on Thursday July 7th at 11am.

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