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Original Art 40" x 40"

This lovely abstract cloud painting, with its candyfloss, ice-cream parlour colours and soft, swirling brushstrokes has me head over heels in love. It is, without question, spring joy on a canvas ... and I'm in love. It's playful and fun and reminds the viewer that spring isn't just a season, it's an attitude. 'Belleweather', you're beautiful!

The bright colour palette in this cloud painting is full of joy and the fresh excitement of renewed energy, all wrapped up in the beauty of an early morning spring sky. The world of ‘Belleweather’ is soft and peaceful, with a dynamic kaleidoscope of pastels rippling through ribbons of abstract clouds, evoking the feeling of a carefree summer day.

From the Mid-summer Skyscapes collection, the abstract pastel clouds in ‘Belleweather’ can also be yours as an art print. My fine art prints are created with the highest quality materials and are available in several sizes ready to brighten your wall decor.