A small collection of fabulous large-scale midsummer sky paintings. This is the glorious result of an inspired spring, so get ready for skies bursting with energy, radiating joy in every bruststroke.

Collection: 'Midsummer Skyscapes' (July 2022)

The mid-summer skyscapes collection is a small series of large-scale original paintings created throughout the spring as the world was coming alive around me. Each sky painting is its own unique reflection of the fresh energy of spring. These abstract skies are full of drama, of movement, of life, of love.

It started with a hint of warmth in the air, longer days, and waking to early morning bird songs. As I watched the trees and gardens bloom around me on my ride to the studio each morning, the excitement and energy of spring filled me up and flowed out of my paintbrush as I painted the colourful and vibrant skies I most love.

The glorious result of such an inspired spring is that I now have a fabulous series of large paintings ready for their debut!!

'Midsummer Skyscapes' (July 2022)
An abstract acrylic sky painting in a dramatic palette of bold colous. A large original cloud painting on canvas by Canadian artist Susannah Bleasby

'Midsummer Skyscapes!

A preview of this series of sky paintings, ready to add a splash of colour to your wall decor.