Open your heart, open your mind, and let me welcome you into MY world. Put the world on pause for a moment, settle in and enjoy a colourful journey with these abstract paintings.

Collection: 'Pieces of Me' (June 2024)

With this new collection of abstract paintings, I'm excited to welcome you wholeheartedly into MY world of colour. Each of these colourful abstract paintings is a 'Piece of Me,' celebrating colour and originality. They're bites off the most delicious rainbow of personality, with a little bit of cheekiness and a whole lot of joy.

Art that smiles back

As I was painting, I set aside the expectations and approval of others (sorry/not sorry, folks!), turned observation inward, and connected with my inner self. I was painting for me, listening to my heart, and painting to satisfy what enlivened my soul and tickled my imagination. My goal for these abstract paintings was for them to be teasing, poking and lovingly smiling back at me. I have to say, they really do!

I felt my heart burst open in a million colours

These paintings offer vivid relief from the grey of the world and the 'beige' of routine, welcoming weirdness with open arms. I hope you see that here too – that they’re splashes of colour serving as playful reminders to smile and connect to the bright side of life.

A collection for everyone

There are 5 large (30" x 30") and 3 medium (20" x 20") original paintings on canvas as well as a 11 small abstract paintings on lightweight MDF panels. As well as abstract art prints on fine art paper and as canvas wall art in my standard range of sizes, I'm adding a new print option (coming soon!)curated gallery wall 'trios' for a small abstract art gallery display to every corner of your home that needs a bit of colour.

pair of mauve abstract paintings