Dive into a world of colour with courage, mix colour and shapes boldly, and discover the floral notes and glimmers of sunrise reflected in this beautiful collection of abstact wall art prints.

Collection: 'Somersault'

The colour of summer is fun!

I dove deep into colour into for my 'Somersault' collection of abstract paintings but the focus this time was not only bright, bold, joyous colour but also SCALE!

The centerpieces of the collection are five oversized abstract paintings, now also available as art prints. The collection is rounded out with several smaller paintings so that there is something to suit a variety of tastes.

The art print format is a fantastic way to make large scale artworks accessible for various spaces, which might not fit the original size. With the same attention to detail and captivating essence as the original, the appeal of these smaller versions is undeliable, making them an enticing addition to any collection of wall art. 

A range of colour compositions from calming to energetic

Abstract art offers the opportunity to explore different compositions that speak to your artistic preferences. In this collection you will find art prints with calming colours, such as the gentle sage green floral abstract 'Somersault 24-2' or the hint of sunrise in 'Somersault 10-3' to bring a serence and tranquil ambiance in your space. Alternatively, the vibrant, dynamic blues and reds in 'Tidal' or 'Berry' will add energy and excitement to your room and wall decor. 

When it comes to displaying abstract art prints, the larger pieces in this collection can make a striking statement of art on living room walls, become a focal point of the room and immediately draw attention adding a bold visual impact.

Archival fine art paper and canvas art prints

Your personal taste will guide your choice between fine art paper and canvas art prints. The main difference between the two is glass: fine art prints on paper need framing behind glass for a degree of protection against dust and UV exposure. An art print created on canvas preserves the rich texture of the original artwork and delivers an authentic appearance that enhances the brush strokes.


pink absract art print in bathroom

A glimpse into the studio midway through painting the 'Somersaults'