Many of my sky paintings are originally created on square canvases but also work beautifully as vertical art prints. The art prints below are available in a vertical format and can be combined to create a stunning gallery arrangement, or hung individually at larger scale to add a sense of drama to vertical wall space.

Collection: Vertical Art Prints

I love how a vertical format adds an extra feeling of strength and soaring energy to my abstract sky paintings! The upward movement creates a special kind of visual rhythm that emphasizes the complexity in a colourful, breezy sky, making oversized versions of these art prints particularly stunning.

Browse my collection of vertical art prints and let your unique sense of style come through in the artwork you choose for your home. Whether you are inspired by a vibrant skyline at sunrise or sunset, green fields that stretch into the distance and merge with a blue sky at a distant horizon, or the energy in a lofty forest canopy I have fine art prints for you.

Art pairs and sets

Styling a blank wall with artwork is a skill. Combining two or three vertical art prints is a simple way to unify a space with a visually engaging display, and fill a blank wall with colour. No matter if you're looking for a large art pair for a living room or a smaller print combination for a bathroom, I've drawn some "made to match" inspiration from customers in a blog post to help start your creative process.

Museum-quality paper and canvas print options

Depending on your style preference, you may go for a neatly framed print with a mat, or present your chosen artwork on canvas. It's a question of personal taste so I'm delighted to offer options for you to create the look and feel that best matches your taste. 

The smallest print size I offer is 8" x 10" going all the way up to 40" x 48". Canvas prints have proven to be a popular choice especially for the largest sizes because it's an affordable way to create the gallery look of an original painting. 

If you've choosen a canvas print you have the option between a 2" additional border that is either printed or white. This extra canvas is there to wrap around a stretcher frame, achieving the 'gallery look'. Additional details and framing recommendationations for canvas prints and some close up photos are here.

vertical art prints of acrylic sky paintings and abstract landscape art