colorful paintbrushes in susannah bleasby's art studio

My artist journey - Splattered in colour

Rarely does a day pass that I don’t put pencil to paper or brush to canvas in some way. As far as I’m concerned, the more time I spend exploring my imagination and expressing my ideas, humour, and joy, the better! My art has evolved and taken on many forms over the years, but for most part there are three main areas of my work. 

First there were illustrations...

‘The World of Susybee’ is an ever-growing handful of happy and silly cartoony animals.

world of susybee illustrations by susannah bleasby

What started as simple doodles for friends has become a central part of my work and an important way for me to express my ideas. There’s an opportunity to be playful within this world in a way my “grown-up” life doesn’t seem to offer. From little pictures to giant hospital murals to illustrations for a fabric line, it's a world I delight in sharing.

childrens hospital mural susanah bleasby
(above) Mural at Toronto Children's Hospital


Then came the abstracts ....

My abstract work is simply the result of spending a lot of time thinking about and working with colour. Curiosity led me to explore ideas and emotion through colour and slowly, brushstroke by brushstroke, I discovered my artistic voice. I love that my abstracts are so colourful and unusual. They're very much a reflection of the truest part of my heart.

original abstract painting studio susannah bleasby
(above) 'Abstract No. 1'
original aqua abstract painting susannah bleasby
(above) 'Detours Aqua'

Abstract painting is, without question, the most challenging area of my work. It requires an inner stillness I don't always feel, a clarity of mind that isn't always there, and an understanding and connection to self that can be incredibly difficult to express. And yet .... I'm hooked! My abstracts are by far my best teacher (often about just not giving up!) and I carry everything I learn here into the other areas of work and life.

red abstract painting artist susannah bleasby
(above) Susannah Bleasby with 'Berry' an oversized abstract painting from her 'Somersault' collection


Rounding out the trifecta - Landscapes!

It may surprise readers to learn that the abstract landscapes I'm increasingly known for are, actually, the last piece of my ‘art puzzle’ to fall into place. True fact! Also true: I've been an outdoorsy gal my whole life and have always felt deeply connected to nature. Time on my bike, hiking the trails or even just mucking about in the garden has always felt essential to my life, but for whatever reason it took a few decades to start painting them. Those windswept skies and expansive landscapes are largely a reflection of the feelings nature inspires within me and tap into a lightness, a hopefulness and a joy of being that is a gift and an honour to share. 

abstract landscape original paintings susannah bleasby
(above) Susannah in her studio with the original abstract landscape paintings from the Lakelands collection

Now do you see why I'm forever covered in paint?! All the pieces of me are paint-splattered ... and I don't see that changing. Ever. 

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