Showcasing the simple beauty of a ruggedly beautiful land, the 'Down to Earth' series of art prints brings the spirit of the outdoors into your home. Capturing the strength and peace of forest landscapes with muted earth tones and deep evergreens, they ground you in the beauty of the present moment.

Collection: 'Down to Earth'

Forest paintings bring a connection with the outdoors into your home

The art prints in the 'Down to Earth' collection are grounded in a muted, natural palette of colours that highlight the raw beauty of the outdoors. The series is tied together by two 'hero' colours: those deep, dark evergreens, and the muddy browns of the earth itself. As always, I was chasing the light, looking for shadows and playing with brushstrokes. The finished paintings feel grounded and peaceful, a quality beautifully reflected in this selection of art prints.

The impact of a natural colour palette

I limited myself to a more muted colour palette in this series of paintings and focussed on getting to know the landscapes. Each painting revealed new details, new places to explore and subtle nuances in the feeling of calm I find in a forest. 

There is a sense of strength and peace in the idea of being "earthbound", and these art prints bring that natural sensibility inside to make living spaces relaxing and cosy. The colour palette is calming without losing the texture of a rugged landscape, the deep greens and browns are colours remakably easy to live with.

Archival print options

Adding wall art to your living space that reflects your personal style will make your home feel more cohesive and welcoming, so browse my full collection of abstract landscape fine art prints and find the artwork that best reflects your taste.

Art prints are available on museum-quality paper or as canvas wall art prints. Both types of art prints are exceptional quality using archival pigment inks to maintain the colour intensity for years to come. Canvas prints come with a 2" additional border to create a 'gallery wrap.' This border can be either printed or left white, depending on how you wish to present the final atwork. I have an additional page on canvas art prints with some more detailed information.

pair of abstract landscape vertical wall art prints

Watch Susannah paint 'Outward Bound', the largest painting in the collection