Paintings of abstract landscapes and little pieces of dreamy sky to bring love and light to the walls of your home.

Collection: 'Imagined Landscapes' (November 2023)

Ending the year in a most colourful way!

Each of these small paintings captures hours of exploration, of play, of meandering through my imagination and ending up somewhere bright and beautiful. They are the conclusion of a journey where I ascended into colour, softened into joy and took in the world around me.

These breezy sky paintings were created with no particular scene in mind other than to paint a place, the idea of a place imagined in my heart and mind, that satisfies a need for peace and light as the days get shorter.

The lively brushstrokes spark joy, these skies swoop along the horizon, clouds billow in colour and lands below that grounded the energy, quieted the wind. Each small acrylic painting has a feeling of wide-openness, arms outstretched, heart-full, taking it all in.

It's a lot to ask of smaller paintings but wow, they delivered!

small original paintings of abstract skies