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Original Art

60" x 36"
Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

My memory of this scene is crystal clear. An afternoon kayaking led me far beyond my usual limits to an unfamiliar lake, where, lost in the sheer pleasure of paddling, the sound of the water lapping against the hull, and the spectacular views ahead I just leaned back to enjoy the feeling of blissful solitude. Just me, the lake, and a long, gorgeous, uninterrupted view. The current guided me home that day, the lakes looking after me, as they always do.

‘Longshore’ is the widest landscape in the ’Lakelands’ collection of paintings. Each brushstroke is a tribute to the countless lakes, winding rivers, and unforgettable kayak adventures that have shaped my love of the natural world. It is a wonderfully delicate, and serene painting.

A long horizontal landscape painting like ‘Longshore’ looks fantastic in a hallway, over a console table or over a bed to create a focal point, elongating the space, adding visual interest and complementing the furniture below. Although the original painting has sold, ‘Longshore’ remains available as an archival fine art print so you can achieve the same artistic effect in your own home.

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