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Original Art 48" W x 60" H

Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Learning to appreciate winter has been a slow journey for me.  I've had to consciously shift my attitude and look for things to love about the snow and cold. More layers, boots that don't leak and me making the extra effort to bundle up and get outside no matter what has made a huge difference. I now love the silence of a thick snowfall, the solitude of the forest when the trails are just mine, and the way light sparkles on the snow in sunlight, or casts meandering blue shadows at night. This painting is all those things rolled into one: stomping through deep snow to catch this moment, chasing a warming sun glowing through the branches of a winter forest (the addition of leaves here is me happily dreaming of spring to come). 

'Rockwood’ is a stunning forest landscape painting from the ‘Down to Earth’ collection that will transform your space and lift your mood. It caputures the sense of solitude and peace in a silent winter forest in a most profound way. The colour palette is subtle but powerful, creating harmony in the contrast between the forest landscape and muted golden sky. Let this oversized painting draw you and make you feel like you are exploring the forest yourself, absorbing the stillness and silence that surrounds you.

‘Rockwood’ is also available as an art print so you can enjoy the beauty and emotion of this abstract forest painting in a size that suits your space perfectly. It’s an image to inspire you, calm you, or energize you, depending on your mood and perspective. It is a landscape painting that reveals the hidden beauty and emotion of nature.

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