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Acrylic abstract landscape painting on gallery-wrapped canvas

48" x 60" 

No collection of forested views would be complete without a touch of autumn, and it wouldn't be MY autumn without some sass. I reveled in the idea of a creative challenge for this painting: how to capture the fall season in a way that felt completely fresh and uniquely me? Why, a massive dose of pink and an unrestrained autumn color palette of course! Along the way, the perfect name came to mind, guiding me as I finished it to bold, unconventional and beautiful in-its-own-way perfection.

‘Rosewater’ was included in the Lakelands collection of paintings and fine art prints from Spring 2022. Although the original autumn forest painting has sold, the image of this extraordinary fall forest lives on as an archival quality print in multiple sizes to suit your space. Imagine all the energy captured in the brushstrokes of this glorious view filling the walls of your home with joy!

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