Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby painting in her studio

Beyond the landscapes, my abstract life

There is simply nothing - absolutely nothing - more essential to my art practice than the countless hours I spend mucking around with paint. Logging time with a brush in my hand, searching for ideas and inspiration, doing the work. For whatever reason I have dedicated my life to the ridiculous practice of smearing, smooshing, globbing and blobbing paint around. Lucky me!

multicolored abstract wall art with Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby

My latest series of abstract paintings

Weird and wonderful, bright and beautiful. My latest series of abstract paintings are all things playful and fun. They are naive and curious children, endlessly asking questions and needing me to experiment with colour and shape in search of the answer. They are perfectly imperfect in their oddity and are fabulous reminders that weird is wonderful. They are my escape to a lively world of possibility. They are moments in time captured in saturated paint blobs.

blue abstract wall art print by Canadian artist Susannah Bleasby

I never know how these paintings are going to turn out which is both exciting and daunting. I might have an idea about the main colours want to use, but usually I just start with a blob of paint and see what happens from there. Without doubt, my abstract work is the hardest, and ultimately most rewarding, thing I do. No matter what the end result, good (or more often than not, really quite ugly) there is always something learned along the way - what to do, what not to do, what has potential and needs to be tried again. 

two large emerald green abstract paintings by Canadian artist Susannah Bleasby

When the stars align and inspiration meets my brushstrokes something wonderful can emerge on the canvas.  These two Emerald paintings are my most recent abstracts.  Each 24" x 24" and available now - the two largest paintings in the Detours series. I'm thrilled to be able to include them in the print collection!

There is one special Abstract, Abstract No. 1, that stands alone on the webshop. I was swept away on a wave of creative energy that resulted in something uniquely organic that is both fluid and structural.  I'm thrilled that this original abstract painting is available as a fine art print and that my local specialist printer has managed to create the print version so that it retains all the artistry of an original!

large original red abstract painting by Canadian artist Susannah Bleasby

Deeply personal, these paintings are essentially my most vulnerable heart on a canvas simply wanting to make one corner of the world a happier and more colourful place.  

And as an extra little contribution of colour to the world, my abstract paintings are also available as greeting cards!  They're a wonderful way to send a pop of colour and a smile through the post. 💖

colorful abstract art greeting cards

If you like this, follow my abstract Instagram account @thisbeeisme, it's another little corner of my painting life full of abstract colour 😊

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