large scale forest landscape paintings from Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby

'Down to Earth' abstract landscape paintings

'Down to Earth' ... 

It's a phrase that perfectly captures both the look and feel of this collection as these paintings are simple, honest snapshots of an everyday, ruggedly beautiful land. Unembellished. Real. Tangled treelines deeply rooted against blustery skies. A limited palette of muted, natural colours. Along with a surprising amount of interest, I found such strength and peace in the idea of 'earthbound'. And rather than hopping all around the rainbow, I gave myself permission to stay in this one place and get to know the landscape over and over and over again, each time a little different, each time revealing new details, new places to explore.   

Below is an overview of the 30+ original paintings in the collection. There is a LOT here, so be sure to make a cup of tea, take your time, and scroll through all the way to the bottom!

Update: Most of these forest paintings have now sold. Those still available can be found in the 'Down to Earth' collection in my web shop. Several of the stunning statement pieces in the series continue to be available as fine art prints and canvas prints.

acrylic landscape painting abstract forest with blue sky
abstract landscape painting original art 12-2
abstract forest painting misty forests original art 12-3


large canvas painting acrylic abstract landscape outward bound
'Outward Bound' 60" x 60"


abstract forest painting pine trees and evening sky
acrylic painting of abstract forest landscape 24-224-2

abstract forest painting original art in studio 20-1
20-1 (20" W x 24")

small acrylic forest painting with blue sky and pine forest
abstract forest painting acrylic landscape painting on canvas 12-512-5
abstract forest painting original art 12-6

 large canvas wall art acrylic abstract landscape
'Pinecrest' 48" x 48"

abstract landscape painting on canvas 24x24 hanging over table
acrylic forest painting on canvas 24x24 down to earth 24-4
*Stretcher frame has a very slight warp that has been corrected so it hangs flat against the wall

large original art abstract forest painting of rockwood in studio
'Rockwood' 48" W x 60" H

abstract forest painting original art 12-7
peaceful forest landscape painting 12-812-8
abstract acrylic painting of a countryside landscape under a blue breezy sky


large canvas wall art abstract acrylic landscape painting dewpoint 'Dewpoint' 40" x 40"

abstract landscape painting in golden autumn palette 24-5
abstract forest painting 24-6 acrylic painting on canvas


acrylic painting of a forest landscape with lush green trees and a clear blue sky
'Wandered' 30" W x 40" H

horizontal original art acrylic forest painting 20-2
20-2 (24" W x 20" H)


acrylic landscape painting abstract landscapes 12-10
abstract landscape painting 12x12 original art
acrylic forest painting abstract landscapes 12-12


abstract forest painting large original art tanglewood
'Tanglewood' 36" x 36"

abstract forest landscape painting with early evening sky 24-7
abstract landscape painting with wide open blue sky hanging over table


large original painting of forest landscape in studio
'Lake of the Woods' 48" W x 40" H


abstract forest landscape painting pink winter sky 12-13
acrylic forest painting winter abstract forest 12-14
abstract landscapes oil painting 12-15
12-15 *OIL*

acrylic forest painting of Westlake in studio
'Westlake' 40" W x 48" H

snowy abstract forest painting with a silent pink sky
'Not yet Spring' 48" W x 30" H


The collection will be available for sale May 2nd at 11am Eastern.

All links will be live then. 

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