blush pink abstract sky painting wall art print


Every once in a while, a fleeting moment catches my attention in a way that causes me to pause, makes the world feel still, and reveals something beautiful. In the blink of an eye, noticing something becomes seeing something, becomes sitting with the idea of something. A moment like that is the inspiration behind 'Stilling'; a painting of a moment I caught sight of, a pink sky that felt extraordinary and a brought with it a wonderful sense of peace. 

Pink acrylic abstract landscape painting
'Stilling' the original painting [SOLD]

When I brought that feeling with me to the studio and began to bring it to life with paint, I found there was much to be learned about embracing tranquility to reveal it on canvas. Recognizing the contrast between *that* feeling and the bustle of everyday life was the first step on the way. To recreate the peaceful sensation of my pink sky moment, I needed quiet. Quiet moments in the studio, pushing paint around the canvas, watching something beautiful unfold. In those moments of quiet, the beauty of 'Stilling' revealed itself in subtle ways, often unfolding unexpectedly. The beauty of this particular painting doesn't come from a grand idea upfront or bold composition. It's in the delicate pink brushstrokes that remind us of our dreams. The vast horizon stretching across the canvas paints the backdrop for countless possibilities. Oh, wow, yes! There is wisdom in 'Stilling'.

I find it comforting to be reminded of the lasting impact of tranquil moments and hope that everyone finds their own sense of 'Stilling'. A moment where the world slows down just a bit so we can notice the beauty in the everyday. Some place to filter out the noise and just enjoy the simple beauty of a pink sky stretching off into the distance. All of that. That's the idea of 'Stilling'.

If you like the idea of a soft pink sky to give you a moment of pause and a feeling of tranquility, let a wall art print of 'Stilling' be a reminder in your home that calm is valuable even when you have to carve quiet out of the noise.

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