Look up at the clouds, what do you see?

Look up at the clouds, what do you see?

"She has her head in the clouds" ... an expression that suits me so perfectly some days!  

I'm the gal colliding into street poles while walking and looking up, tripping over tree roots while hiking and looking up, spinning around in a suburban Big Box parking lot looking up and trying to photograph a magnificently beautiful sky while cars honk around me (True story - the picture below is from that day so well worth causing a bit of a traffic jam I'd say!)

Susannah Bee clouds inspiration for painting fine art

The abstract, ever-changing nature of a sky allows me to really play with my brushstrokes and introduce all the colours of the rainbow in whatever which way feels right. A rigid perfection just doesn't exist in my skies and I love the freedom I find within a wide open sky. The possibilities are as endless as the sky itself.

When painting, do I think about the structure of a cloud? Yes! The source of light and how it would create highlights and shadows? Of course! I'm also thinking about the direction of the wind and how it will affect the shape and flow of my brushstrokes and the scale of my clouds over the land.

Susannah Bee cloud inspiration fine art painting

But beyond any technical aspects, I'm mostly trying to capture the *feeling* of a sky, to recreate the *feeling* of a particular view or often, just to create a certain feeling with a completely imagined scene (my favourite!)

Susannah Bee abstract landscape in acrylic on canvas

A sky seems like such a simple thing to set out to paint and yet here I am, basically trying to touch the spirit of the universe with my brush and share it with all of you.   Lucky me!

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