pair of green and blue abstract acrylic paintings

Blooming Underwater: An Abstract Painting Journey

I rarely take on abstract commissions because so much unfolds spontaneously on the canvas during the process of painting itself. I never have complete knowledge or control over the exact end result. No two abstract pieces are ever the same, and a finished abstract painting never matches its initial sketch. The final brushstrokes can be a million miles away from the first ones, and I cannot make any promises about the final painting until I see it myself.

The magic happens in the space between the carefully planned concept and the last brushstroke. I need to leave room for that magic to happen.

The kind of creative freedom and trust in the mysterious abstract painting process is usually a step too far for most clients, which I totally understand. However, recently, an amazing couple presented me with a creative challenge that was too tempting to pass up. They referenced three of my favourite paintings and expressed their hope for something that combined the colours of one, the design idea of another and the brushstrokes of the third. Most importantly, they entrusted me completely to do what I do best.

I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

The painting turned out to be a puzzle that needed to be solved. The first challenge was to avoid recreating all three reference photos at once and instead, dig deep to find the image I was dreaming of deep down in my heart. With my gaze focused, colour palette selected, and tunes playing in the background, I dove in.

Soon enough I found myself immersed in a sea of rich blues and greens, with drips of colour pooling in all the right places. I was swimming with floral-inspired shapes that seemed to sway and flow on unseen waves. Somehow these paintings capture the very essence of beauty and tranquillity, forming a peaceful and joyful garden of ocean foliage—a sea garden.

Somewhere on the journey ... meandering toward the destination

 A few more twists and turns later, I arrived at the 'Sea Garden'

The journey behind each abstract painting resembles a dance between intention and serendipity, where the final piece reveals itself as a testament to the magic that can emerge on the canvas. To bring this ‘Sea Garden’ to life I needed to embrace the whispers of my heart and immerse myself in the mesmerizing world of rich blues, vibrant greens, and fluid forms reminiscent of delicate blooms. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my journey and also offer these abstract ‘Sea Gardens’ (#1 & #2) as art prints in several sizes and formats. May these abstract sea gardens serve as a gentle reminder that beauty thrives in the untamed and the unexpected, and may they infuse a space in your home with boundless creative energy.

wall art set of abstract art prints over sofa

This summer I'm diving wholeheartedly into an exploration of abstract colour and experimenting in ways feel exciting and new. Join me and follow along with the journey on my abstract Instagram account @thisbeeisme!

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