Hold onto your hats, its a joyride through the colour spectrum! Recreated as both canvas prints and gallery-quality fine art prints, these artworks are bursting with an energy that will tickle a playful part of your spirit, and (hopefully) nudge you towards colourful home decor.

Collection: Embrace vibrant, bold colors in your home

One of the most exciting things about abstract art is its ability to capture attention and inspire imagination and different interpretations. With this collection of original paintings I wanted to really pump up the colour, get your heart pumping and make you smile!

These art prints are here to jazz up your home decor, add a little colour play, nudge you a bit out of your comfort zone. They are a big friendly greeting that welcomes you into a creative space that explores outside the boundaries of neutral home decor.

Modern prints that add a creative spark to your wall decor

You can opt for a fine art print on museum-quality paper and frame it behind glass or if you'd like a bit of texture choose for art prints on canvas and create the gallery look in your home. 

Which ever direction you follow for your home styling, be sure to check out the preview page I put together about the collection of original paintings. It's filled with insights into the inspiration behind each abstract artwork and I think you'll enjoy it!