Art prints of abstract sky paintings that reach beyond the clouds and capture a different kind of sky—where the movement and flow of the air itself takes center stage.

Collection: 'The Shape of Wind'

“What’s happening behind those big beautiful clouds?”

The question that spurred the creation of a new series of original paintings grew from a creative urge calling me towards exploring something entirely new. I can’t imagine ever tiring of my signature sky paintings and their ‘show-offy’ clouds drifting across colourful skies, but there was a whisper of an idea about what lay beyond them, and what discoveries were waiting if I embarked on a journey to explore.

I shared some insights in the creative journey of developing ‘The Shape of Wind’ collection on my blog. It was an intensely creative period of growth and discovery where I embraced the challenge of exploring the unfamiliar to reconnect with the feeling of excitement I have in painting abstract skies. Following the wind to see where it took me, I ventured to new places, mixed fresh colors, and experimented with brushstrokes like never before.

Three of the large format original paintings are available as wall art prints on fine art paper or canvas prints. Beautifully reproduced with archival materials, each makes a stunning addition to wall decor.

large wall art print of abstract sky painting