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Original Art 40" x 40"

Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Early mornings in spring are a lovely blend of crisp air and warming sun. There's a hushed quality to the light as it washes across the sky, highlighting an emerging palette of colour as it pushes off the night. This ‘Aurora’ sky is my exploration of the first light of day with some softly daring color choices, from the safety of a familiar shore.

‘Aurora’ is an acrylic sky painting created as part of my Mid-summer Skyscapes collection. These sky paintings capture the joy-filled skies of spring and are bursting with colour. Each is its own unique reflection of the fresh energy of spring. They are full of drama, of movement, of life, of love.

The horizon in this ‘Aurora’ sky painting glows yellow, blending into pastel tints of orange, peach, pink and dusty green as the first morning rays reach the fading night sky. Stretching off into the distance, a peaceful lake reflects the light from the swirling mosaic of spring colours above.

The large size, soft palette and peaceful nature of the image make this cloud painting an exciting statement addition to your wall art. If you’ve fallen in love with this sunrise painting but want something a little smaller for your wall decor, please browse through the options available for this sky painting as a fine art print.

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