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'Happy Heart' greeting card

'Happy Heart' greeting card

Friendship Greeting Card

Love is all the colours of the rainbow. It's the joy of orange, the spirit of pink, and the friendliness of yellow; it's the passion of red and the comfort of blue; it's the fun of orange, the spirit of pink, and the friendship of yellow. It's the contrast between the complexity of darkness and the tranquility of light as well as all the lovely colours and blends in between.

This lovely friendship card has been created from an original painting, with the inside left blank for a personal message. It’s perfect for Valentine’s or Pride month or just as a simple Friendship thank you. With your words written inside, this heart will say it all!

Never let the opportunity to tell someone they matter pass you by.  Let someone know how much they mean to you with this artistic card that celebrates love and friendship.

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Printed in the UK on 300 gsm FSC-certified boards & packaged without plastic.


Shipped from the UK with Royal Mail regular letter service (no tracking). Delivery to North America is generally about 10 business days.

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