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'Pink Garden'

'Pink Garden'

Original Art 48" W x 32" H

As I was painting these flowers, I held my mother’s glorious garden in my mind and kept myself to a limited colour palette of my favourite pristine white and her favourite bright pinks and magentas. I’m thrilled with the modern and playful interpretation of a pink garden that emerged!

The simple shapes and cheerful colours found in this pink garden do wonders to brighten up the walls of a bedroom or foyer. And why not mix a bit of red among the pinks to amp up the colour intensity?

This original flower painting on canvas has sold and is lighting up the walls of its forever home, but it lives on as a fine art print! Available as both a square art print and in the original horizontal aspect ratio, it’s sure to set a refreshing playful tone with a hearty dose of pink!

Original Collection

This original acrylic flower painting was part of the 'In Bloom' collection from Summer 2021. Although the originals are all adding a touch of floral magic to their forever homes, many live on as prints!

My fine art prints are created to the highest standards with archival materials on both museaum-quality paper and as canvas wall art prionts. Prints are a wonderful way to make my paintings accessible to homes around the globe.


This flower painting was painted in acrylics on canvas in my studio in Hamilton, Canada.

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