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Acrylic abstract landscape painting on gallery-wrapped canvas

40" x 40"

I am a hiker at heart. Show me a trail, a forest (some bug spray) and I'm off!  Gone. For hours. Without compass or map I'll probably get lost but lost amongst the trees isn't really lost at all.  'Hillside' is the clearing I'll find along the way, emerging from the forest to take in the view. A place to rest under a beautiful blue sky. What a day. Closed eyes, face tilted to the swooping clouds. Inhaling the memory of the moment and sharing it in this painting.

The view in this hillside abstract landscape painting is wide open, wild, and free. It’s a peaceful stop on a hike along a forest path to take in the view, revel in the vivid colours of the surrounding trees and enjoy the patterns of shadows and light created by the sunshine. Bright white clouds race above on a warm breeze, creating an abstract sky that stretches to a distant horizon.

One of the large-scale abstract landscape paintings in the ‘Lakelands’ collection, ‘Hillside’ is a memory of a glorious afternoon hike. The sky that afternoon was lively, the breeze shaping an abstract sky. I recreated my impressions of the trees and hills as abstract shapes and colours on canvas to reflect the movement in the clouds that first drew my attention and inspired me to paint this glorious view.

The original ‘Hillside’ painting is now gracing the walls of its forever home but the image remains available as an archival quality print. Available as fine art print in a variety of sizes to best match your space, ‘Hillside’ brings a spectacular view inside for home decor.

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