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Original Art 24" x 24"

Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas

My recent obsession with Emerald Green as seen through spring eyes. This fresh Jade plays with reckless abandon in the garden of colour. Painting this knockout was a curious, challenging exploration over several days involving layers upon layers of paint. But as so often is the case, the magic came through and brought this spectacular beauty into being.

This collection of colorful abstract paintings embodies that wonderful feeling of a summer day that meanders from sunrise to evening beneath a bright sky that brings to life a rich palette of vibrant colours in every corner of the garden. The larger canvases I used for these paintings gave me extra room to build up layers of interest in the background, enhancing the colour intensity and sense of movement.

The original ‘Jade’ painting is particularly refreshing and energetic, luminous, and abundant. This burst of summer colour is shipped stretched with the canvas edges painted so that it can be hung immediately without a frame. Also available as an abstract art print in several sizes, ‘Jade’ is the perfect touch of way to bring the joy of summertime into your home year-round.

Original Collection

This abstract acrylic painting is from my 2022 'Detours' series of colorful abstracts that celebrate the taste, scents and colors of summer. The collection of original paintings sold out, but many of these playful images live on as art prints!

A fine art print is a lovely way to add a colorful splash of art for the walls of your home in a size that suits your space best. Take a look through my collection abstract prints to find the ones that will bring your space to life.


This abstract painting on canvas
was painted in acrylics in my studio in Hamilton, Canada.

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