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Original Art

24" x 24"
Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Yellow has long been a secret love of mine. Yellow is bold, it’s happy, it’s the weirdo at the back of the classroom who entertains and breaks the rules. Its radiant smile won my heart over long ago and this zinger of a summer painting renewed my love. Think hot sun melting butter on ripe corn .... Delicious!

‘Lemon’ is a cheerful addition to the rainbow of colourful abstract paintings in my ‘Summer Detours’ collection. It evokes the feeling of meandering summer days and celebrates the delight found in days filled with bright sunshine.

For this series, I used larger canvases to give myself more freedom to play, blend, and combine colours, and to develop movement and interest in the backgrounds. I spent hours with each canvas, engrossed in the creative process, giving in to my unreserved love of colour in my typical whimsical manner.

The original ‘Lemon’ yellow abstract painting is a stunning summertime colour explosion. Although the original abstract painting has sold, ‘Lemon’ remains available as an abstract art print. An abstract yellow canvas art print is a beautiful way to enjoy the warmth and joy of summer sun in your home.

Original Collection

This abstract acrylic painting is from my 2022 'Detours' series of colorful abstracts that celebrate the taste, scents and colors of summer. The collection of original paintings sold out, but many of these playful images live on as art prints!

A fine art print is a lovely way to add a colorful splash of art for the walls of your home in a size that suits your space best. Take a look through my collection abstract prints to find the ones that will bring your space to life.


This abstract painting on canvas
was painted in acrylics in my studio in Hamilton, Canada.

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