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Original Art 24" x 24"

Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Some paintings are explorations of the heart, others are explorations of the mind. 'Turquoise' is an examination of creative thinking where I observed the decisions behind each brushstroke, experimented with shape and composition and measured movement to examine light vs. dark and the balance of colours. 

Evaluating what stays, what changes and what is eliminated in a composition is a fascinating but thoroughly internal process that amazes me to this day. I can tickle every inch of curiosity with my brush until the final piece both looks and feels as complete as this luscious burst of colour. 

It's a strong, modern composition that invites the viewer to consider a variety of imaginative possibilities. Is this a long gaze through crystalline water, or something silhouetted across the sky? Could the form be a blossom? A brightly coloured swim cap? A hot air balloon floating across the sky?

‘Turquoise’ is also available in as a fine art print created from the original acrylic painting to bring this splash of colour to your wall decor and make you smile.

Original Collection

This abstract acrylic painting is from my 2022 'Detours' series of colorful abstracts that celebrate the taste, scents and colors of summer. The collection of original paintings sold out, but many of these playful images live on as art prints!

A fine art print is a lovely way to add a colorful splash of art for the walls of your home in a size that suits your space best. Take a look through my collection abstract prints to find the ones that will bring your space to life.


This abstract painting on canvas
was painted in acrylics in my studio in Hamilton, Canada.

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