emerald green acrylic forest painting art print

'Deep Woods'

"The woods are lovely dark and deep" - Robert Frost

I'm thrilled to present 'Deep Woods' as the final print release of the year - a painting so powerful, so enchanting, so mysterious and still that I wanted to showcase it here, on its own, rather than within a collection.

oversized emerald green abstract art print created from an acrylic forest painting hanging in a hallway

Forests are sacred places. There is a quality of air, a scent of nature, a sound to the silence, that renews weary spirits and soothes a ruffled soul. I wanted to create a painting that captured the magnificent essence of a forest and honoured my love for time amongst the trees.

emerald green abstract forest painting early sketch in oil paint An early sketch of 'Deep Woods' in oil paint

And thus began a painting journey that completely knocked me sideways.  It's hard to put into words just how bowled over I am by this painting and what a tremendously challenging (and utterly agonizing) process it was from start to finish. 

painted color spectrum strip for acrylic forest painting palette of emerald green transitioning to yellow white and aqua
A painted colour strip of the initial color palette for the acrylic forest painting 'Deep Woods' 

There are at least 3 full-on failed attempts at completely different paintings underneath as I lost my way numerous times. It languished in the 'ugly' stages for days while I wrestled with the composition and figured out the colour palette.

I knew something really, really special was happening but it just wasn't coming together. Then, while slathering yet another layer of paint over paint, lime green over sea green over luscious, rich emerald green, I suddenly heard myself thinking 'Deep Woods'. And that was it. Those two words were all I needed in order to finally and fully surrender to what was happening on the canvas, letting go of control and completely trusting intuition - all of which led to the beauty you see here now. 

statement artwork acrylic forest painting in artist studio
The final, finished forest painting 'Deep Woods' in my studio 💚

'Deep Woods' is a painting that has kept me company at the studio all year and has served as a constant reminder to trust the process, as a source of wisdom to believe in myself and somewhat as a guide as I keep exploring the depths of my imagination - all of which I shall take forward as I continue on with this messy, colourful, creative life of mine.

2023 wall callendar and everyday greeting cards with emerald green abstract forest painting

'Deep Woods' is the image for the month of December in my 2023 Wall Calendar and I'm thrilled to offer it as a greeting card as well. 

This glorious forest makes a lovely Christmas card not only because of its emerald evergreen trees but also because of the peaceful nature of the scene itself. Year-end is often a time of reflection and within these brushstrokes is a sense of deep contemplation, of paths travelled and a hopeful pull towards a brighter sky ahead. It embodies the spirit of the season and I know your circle of friends would love to receive this card from you.

Creating this painting was such a journey I want to share it widely. Beautifully reproduced as an archival canvas art print, it's a statement artwork that brings an optimistic and mysterious energy to a space and creates a breathtaking focal point.

So if you went down to the woods today, you sure got a beautiful surprise!   .... and options to own a piece of this magnificent forest.