Thoughtfully composed yet spontaneously created, my abstract art prints are full of a curious wonder to make you, and the people around you smile.

收藏: Abstract wall art prints

My abstract work is about exploring movement, shape and emotion through colour. These colourful paintings are delightfully playful and unapologetically honour my love of all things offbeat. Thoughtfully composed yet spontaneously created, each artwork is full of a curious wonder to make you, and the people around you smile. They are a whole-hearted expression of joy.

Abstract artwork to style your walls

Abstract art prints can enhance the appeal of any room in your home whether you are looking for art for living room walls, large wall art for an entry way, bedroom or beyond. Feature one large abstract print as a statement piece, or a cluster of smaller art prints as an eye-popping gallery wall. Whatever you choose, colorful abstract art is is an excellent way to add a touch of sophistication to your decor and tie a room together.

Art prints selected from my major collections

My abstract prints are created from some of my favourite original paintings. 

The 'Detours' were my first major collection of abstract paintings that I created as fine art prints. If you're looking to curate a gallery wall with abstract colour then this series is a great place to start. The focus of these colorful abstracts is organic forms that play together in ways that flow across the canvas. 

An exciting joyride across the rainbow followed with the 'Summer Detours'. As I wrote in the blog post introducing this collection of paintings, my intention is to tempt you to add vibrant colour to your home decor repetoire, add a creative spark and bring joy and inspiration to your space.

My love of all things colour continues in the 'Somersault' collection of square art prints. I've always enjoyed the ability of colour to lift the energy in a space, tickle a creative spirit and grab attention and I hope you do to! Although based upon my practice of abstract 'colour play' like my other abstract work, there are floral touches and hints of sunrise in several of these paintings.

The latest addition of abstract art prints are from the 'Pieces of Me' collection. The journey in painting this collection was deeply personal. First and foremost, I was painting for me—I turned observation inwards, connected with myself and listened to my heart. This kind of art lives within me and me in it. It's a little bit cheeky and full of joy.

Square art prints with vertical options

I typically paint my abstracts on square canvases, although I also have vertical options available! Take, for instance, 'Abstract No. 1', my inaugural abstract art print and an artwork with a beautiful flow and captivating organic form created from a giant original painting. 

Sometimes an abstract image works just as well in a vertical format as a square. Consider Sea Garden #1 and Sea Garden #2, a specially commissioned statement diptych. This magical world rich blues, vibrant greens, and fluid forms is reminiscent of the tangle of greenery that lives under the waves.

statement emerald green abstract art print

A glimpse into the studio painting abstracts

Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby at work in her art studio

Beyond the landscapes, my abstract life

There is simply nothing - absolutely nothing - more essential to my art practice than the countless hours I spend mucking around with paint.