Bring a happy calm feeling into a room with soft yellow florals or add a chic contemporary zing with yellow artwork in shades of mustard, canary, honey and more!

yellow paint dripping off a paintbrush

Attention sunshine seekers! If you're curious about my love for yellow, there's a blog post written just for you!


收藏: Bold yellow wall art

The third colour in the rainbow is a bright, sweet, happy colour that charmed its way into my heart. It's colour of flowers from dandelions to daffodils, the warmth of bright sunshine, and tangy like a lemon. Hello yellow!

Bring some brilliance to your walls with large yellow canvas wall art. Something magical like the warming golden glow of sunrise in ‘Sun Spun’, perhaps? 'Sun Spun' was first a painting created with big brushes on a giant canvas, so there was a whole lot of room to develop the light in the sky and the flow in the sky for this mysterious sunrise. It's a fantastic statement wall art print to brighten your home!

The tangy zip of yellow abstract art is something I particularly enjoy. It’s a challenging colour to work with and I love how it inspires me to get creative with composition. Yellow is the weirdo at the back of the classroom who entertains and breaks the rules. Its radiant smile won my heart long ago and has never let it go.

Among my yellow art prints is ‘Lemon’, a real zinger of a summer painting, and ‘Detours - Yellow’ an art print that radiates light as a yellow wall accent. Combining the beauty of abstract art with the colour of sun and buttercups is a wonderful way to bring cheerful energy to your home and transform your interior into a radiant and lively space.

yellow wall art in kitchen