art studio of canadian artist susannah bleasby

Looking back on 2023

In the spirit of gleefully kicking 2023 to the curb, and yet still thankful for the time, the love, the lessons and the laughs, let’s have a fun look back on the year a la Studio Bee with an exciting reveal at the end!

Studio Life Highs

New Studio

My new workspace at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton is as near to perfect as I can imagine (for now … still dreaming!) Every day I open the door and see the natural light streaming in I feel a tingle of “lucky me”!!

art studio of canadian artist susannah bleasby

Collection Photoshoot

A thrilling photoshoot with Marta Hewson and her team, putting a fashion spin on photos for my ‘Sommersault’ collection of abstract paintings. It was a big day that celebrated the completion of this summer series of abstract paintings. Marta's editorial eye is second to none and and working with her to craft a series of images of me and my work was a joy.

collection photoshoot abstract artist susannah bleasby


Canvas Art Prints

 An action-packed visit from ‘the other Bee’ this summer made the most of every moment of her time here. We launched canvas prints this year thanks that visit. Good times! Poppy is still sulking by the door, hoping she’s coming back soon. Me too.

 studio dog poppy


Without question, the best weekend around here was getting silly with my film friend Alex to develop ‘Buttercup’, our feature film debut. It was so much fun! Time to make popcorn and watch again! Stay tuned for a sequel of sorts in the new year - we have ideas!

 ... the (inevitable) lows

As someone who’s self-worth is directly tied to the success of their work, and self-identity almost entirely tangled up with their work …. let’s just say it was an emotional year of high highs and low lows, made worse by crushing world news. Lots of introspection about purpose and expression. Lots of quiet amidst the noise.  I hermitted.

... and messy bits in between

But for all the tough days and paintings still available (I still believe 'Tidal' will find a home one day - it feels too beautiful for words) overall, I’m really pleased with the art I created, and even more proud that I persevered though some major creative and personal challenges. I remain deliriously and destructively addicted to the painting process. I am so deeply grateful for everyone who continues to value my work, cheer me on and purchase art in these tough economic waters.

 oversized blue and white abstract painting

Extra stuffing

An important, no, essential ingredient to many of my painting hours is music –  specifically the sweeping melodies, anthemic beats and evocative musical journeys produced by Blugazer and his Illusionary Images series. Currently obsessed with episode #142
‘The Creative Act: A Way of Being’ by Rick Rubin is a book I have dog-eared, highlighted, referred to and shared throughout the year. I will be reading and re-reading this one forever. I have never seen my creative experience so perfectly articulated, and have never felt so in awe of the wisdom Rubin shares. A must-own for any creative soul.

Coming up in 2024

As a teaser for things to come … here’s a look at the little landscape that I think is about to change everything…


2023 - you tired me out in so many ways! So. Many! Ways! But not when it comes to my love of paint, my need to colour the world and the pure joy I have for the work I do.  That creative candle burns happily at both ends and is the light leading me into the studio now and into the New Year tomorrow.