spring sky painting collection of six 12x12 art prints of blissful skies from Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby

Introducing my spring sky painting collection of blissful skies

Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby’s 12x12 art prints of blissful skies from the spring sky painting collection

 As the calendar skips forward and the winter begins to fade I find myself thinking more and more about spring and the sunshine-y delights to come. Never have I needed the promise of spring more! As I write this, I can hear birds chirping and the trickle of snow melting away - the sounds of new beginnings just around the corner. What a great feeling!

It makes me smile because I also have new work to share. My new collection of six spring sky paintings radiate joy and light and vitality. The blue sky sunrise featured below is 'California Dreaming 4' (blue) and it's the print that inspired the collection. It makes me crave lazy afternoon picnics and fills me with dreams of hopping on my bike and riding off into the countryside in the not too distant future. There is magic in every brushstroke and it's full of the kind of easy-breezy carefree light that I love.

Abstract sky painting of blue spring sky from Canadian abstract artist Susannah Bleasby

All the art prints in this collection of joyful colourful skies are 12" x 12" to fit easily into a standard square frame. The print quality is superb.  Each is reproduced from an original acrylic sky painting on museum-quality paper with archival inks.

Browse through my collection of colourful abstract skies to find your ideal vista. Who wouldn't love a pink sunrise, lavender sunset or a golden desert painting to greet them on their walls each day? I'm really proud of them and think that you'll love them!