close up of brightly colored oil paints mixed on a paint palette

The magic of a winter garden

While the wind howls outside, the blizzard rages and darkness sets in early, I’ve been sequestered in my art studio, warm and cozy and consumed by the possibilities of colour. Mixing new palettes, making new marks, working with different media ... the kind of free creative exploration that completely sets my spirit soaring.

In those few and far-between moments of calm when the wind subsides and the snowfall eases off, I’ve been bundling up and venturing out to trudge through the snow and enjoy the wonder of a fresh snowfall and the beauty there is to be discovered in winter.

close up of delicate white flower growing under a thick layer of freshly fallen snow
frost covered purple flowers on a bush in the countryside

What I’ve noticed most on my walks are the little details and contrasts in winter gardens: the fragile beauty of flowers that persevere in the snow, the delightful colours of frost-covered berries seen against stark, bare branches, and how the warm glow of sunlight filtering through icy crystals of frost creates a stunning and ethereal atmosphere.

close up of frost covered red berries contrasted against bare branches in winter golden colored autumn leaves covered in snow after a blizzard

With my lungs full of crisp, clean air and a cup of tea by my side, I return to my experiments in abstract painting using oil paints. There is something truly magical about working with oil paints and how they allow me to blend and layer colours to create texture and depth. In many ways, my work this winter has felt like play, and it’s very exciting to be creating work that feels entirely authentic. I see my whole self in what's emerging on the canvas.

This 'Wintergarden' collection of abstract oil paintings is full of delightful bursts of colour, each as bright and fresh as the fallen snow and as welcoming as the summer sun. Little dollops of creative joy that serve as reminders to play, explore, go your own way and be your own you.

I’ll be sharing the "Wintergarden" collection with you soon! 26 beautiful little oil paintings are in the final stages of drying and will be ready to go before you know it. I'm so excited for 2023!