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'Sea to Sky'

'Sea to Sky'

Original art

48" W x 40" H
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

There is an irresistible and profound allure to a seascape sky, where the horizon stretches as far as the eye can see. I've held the name for this painting in my thoughts for some time, knowing that I wanted to capture that boundless, infinite sensation of ocean waves flowing beneath salty clouds. Limiting my palette to the moody blue-grays of the seaside freed me to focus on developing the 'motion of the ocean' within the sky. Whirling, swooping, voluminous clouds collectively radiate a compelling yet tranquil feeling, much like ‘waves’ of the wind. They are ever-shifting, in constant motion, and inspire an endless sense of wonder, from the sea to the sky.

This original painting has sold but I'm proud to offer archival quality prints in a variety of sizes. Imagine the impact you can create with a full size horizontal canvas print and the feeling of of a of a sea breeze it will bring to your space.

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