over-sized horizontal wall art print

Large-scale paintings that steal the show!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gallery wall but sometimes you just need to make a bold statement, and big paintings are a super-simple way of speaking volumes. Oversized art is a fabulous way to create a focal point in any interior without clutter, and besides — who doesn’t love having a room where you walk in and immediately think “wow!”?

Fill your walls with colour

If you're going for a single piece of art, I would encourage you to go big. Make a statement! Fill the wall! Create some impact! There's nothing sadder than a too-small print looking lost and lonely on a wall. Using fewer but larger design elements on a wall, even a small one, won't make a space look overcrowded but rather elevated by a minimalist approach to styling.

abstract landscape large canvas wall art in entryway
A full sized (36" x 40") canvas wall art print of 'Days Gone By'

Want more width? Hang two large artworks side by side!

I love the way over-sized artwork looks in a smallish room, especially a living room. Think of it as visual punctuation; emphasizing a colour scheme and unifying the styling direction. Bonus points for big art that adds a feeling of luxury without using up any floor space.

two large canvas art prints side by side
'Dewpoint' and 'Blue Spruce' canvas prints created at full size (40" x 40").

Hanging artworks with contrasting themes next to each other is one way to create interest and movement to a space.

Scale up an abstract print

Abstract artwork can become more interesting at scale. It asks you to dive into a world of vibrant colors, captivating shapes, and fascinating textures. There’s nothing like a big abstract painting to draw your gaze and hold your attention.

Decor choices in the foyer set the tone for your home's ambiance, radiating energy and setting the the mood of your space. Give your entryway a makeover and welcome your guests without saying a word. Don't shy away from a bold choice that makes a fabulous impression!

large sage green abstract canvas art print
'Somersault 24-2' created as a 34" x 34" canvas print adds a friendly hello in an entryway.
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