acrylic sky painting vertical art prints hanging in a living room art gallery wall

Art print combinations that make a statement


A modern twist on the traditional gallery wall: a feature set of two or three framed art prints. Complementary or contrasting in theme in colour, a set of art prints can elevate your home decor.

Even small changes or additions to your art collection can breathe new life into your home. Below I’ve curated a selection of vertical art prints to suggest pairings that give interior design a lift. The abstract skies and horizon lines in my signature prints are a fresh take on traditional landscapes and add a fresh breeze and modern touch to any classic home.

Here are a few combinations that I think you will love!

Days Gone By’ and ‘Stoney Lake’: A double dose of fresh breezes and cool tones

Blue, green and grey are just the colours you need to create a restful space anywhere in your home. Prints created in soothing cool tones like blue and grey create a peaceful bedroom art wall, but they also work well in a home office or living room. ‘Days Gone By’ and ‘Stoney Lake’ are a pair of art prints that reflect certain aspects of the other’s composition but hang cohesively as a pair.

The air is fresh, the clouds are soft and carried gently across the sky by a warm breeze.

acrylic sky painting prints hanging on living room art wall

'Stoney Lake' (left) and 'Days Gone By' (right)


Dawning’ and ‘Honeymoon’: Bright skies to welcome each day

Bold and colourful art prints infuse a room with happiness and positivity, and these abstract sunrises would be a striking addition to an entryway or hall. Both ‘Dawning’ and ‘Honeymoon’ were initially large-scale acrylic sky paintings that embody the beauty and fresh promise wrapped up in every brand-new day. They’re such an uplifting combination of prints and paired with white or light wood frames to let the colour be the focal point, these art prints are sure to brighten any space! 

colorful abstract sky painting prints hanging on hallway art wall

'Dawning' (left) and 'Honeymoon' (right) 


What Once Was,’ ‘Days Gone By’ and ‘Tailwind

The warm palettes in this trio of art prints show a range of muted colours: from gray to slate, blush to rust and sage green to deep olive. These art prints pair elegantly with matte black metal or walnut wood frames and would be well suited for any room, from a modern home office to a mid-century modern living room. 

colorful abstract sky painting prints hanging on living room art wall

 'What Once Was' (left), 'Days Gone By' (middle), 'Tailwind' (right)

Every wall is different and every home has its own unique decor theme. Whether you are looking for two or three large prints to fill a living room wall, or a pair of small square art prints for the kitchen or bathroom, I have a wide range of colours, sizes and styles and sizes available in my art print collection.

Take a look through my collections of abstract art prints, contemporary florals, and the full range of my signature skies paintings and prints!

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