Large-scale abstract landscape paintings exploring miles and miles of untouched wilderness away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Immerse yourself in the stillness of the great outdoors.

Colección: 'Lakelands' (April 2022)

Welcome to the 'Lakelands'

Let me take you away to a place where every day feels like a quiet retreat into nature. Far away from concrete towers and traffic jams.

Silent but for the rustling leaves and call of the loon. Still, yet alive with wind and waves. At peace with the rumble of thunder and ever-changing skies. Miles and miles and miles to explore.

These paintings speak to my soul. They're recollections of a thousand lovely lakes. Of every nature hike, camping weekend and canoe trip. Of miles explored and trees climbed. They're my way of expressing a deep love for nature and capturing the healing power, the wisdom, of the forest. These paintings are full of emotion in a profoundly gentle and quiet, joyful way.

Come, sit. Stay awhile and enjoy the view.

'Lakelands' (April 2022)
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Acrylic landscape painting abstract landcape painting Lakelands collection original art Canadian artist Susanah Bleasby


After a long winter I struggled to find inspiration or ideas that touched my heart. I turned inwards to tap into the feeling I was floundering to connect to. That feeling was found in the vision of a place: “Lakelands”.