A collection of original abstract sky paintings that reaches beyond the clouds to capture a different kind of sky, where the focus is on the movement and flow of the air itself.

收藏: 'The Shape of Wind' (April 2024)

“What’s happening behind those big beautiful clouds?”

That is the question I set out to answer in creating this new collection of original paintings. My signature sky paintings feature ‘show off-y’ clouds showing off in the sky but I had a creative itch that called for something fundamentally different. While still painting expansive, colourful skies, I wanted to try exploring the answers to different questions than before.

I followed the wind to see where it took me. It led me to places I'd never seen before, colours I'd never mixed, all carried away—literally in some cases—on brushstrokes that flowed like never before. It was an intense, messy, glorious period of creativity. You can read a little more about my journey to “The Shape of Wind” on my blog and browse the little stories accompanying each of the original paintings to see where I landed.

Fine Art Print options to add style to your walls

Three of the abstract sky paintings in this series are available as fine art prints. The centerpiece of the collection, "After Rain Afterglow", is a stunning statement-sized artwork that I'm delighted to also offer as an art print on fine art paper or as a canvas print in a size that will suit your space. Similarly, the dynamic moodiness of "Fieldstorm" and the calming sea-green beauty of "The Shape of Wind 30-1" can also be created as wall art and canvas prints.

As with any journey of discovery, each painting represents a step, a stop, a curious and thoughtful detour along the way. I’m so grateful to have you along with me!

shimmering abstract sky paintings