Collection: 'Somersault' abstracts (September 2023)

The color of summer is fun! And I love how adding color to life changes how you feel. It can make you happy or excited, it can be uplifting or calming. And even if you can't put your finger on what it is you're drawn to, I hope that you fall madly in love with a painting that is simply a glorious dance of colour, as each of these paintings are.

Many of the large abstract paintings in this collection are also available as fine art prints - on museum quality paper as well as canvas prints. So if you've got your eyes on something a little to large for your space, tumble over to the Somersault art prints page to find the colour that makes your heart flip!

The small abstract paintings you will find here are wonderful additions to a gallery wall. You can sneak in a little 8" x 8" or 10" x 10" abstract painting among the larger pieces in your collection for variety as a colourful accent piece.

So let's somersault into the world of color together with a playful and open-hearted attitude.

large-scale blue abstract painting and smythe floral suit