Unique reflections of the fresh energy of spring. There's a sense of surrender to the endless wonder of an ever-changing sky. Warm. Inviting. Peace. Love. 

Collection: 'Midsummer Skyscapes'

I painted this series of colourful abstract skies in my studio throughout the spring as the world was coming alive around me. As I watched the trees and gardens come into bloom, the excitement and energy of spring filled me up and flowed out of my paintbrush. 

The joyful result of my spring painting sessions is this collection of expansive skyscapes and dynamic clouds. You can read the full story behind the collection and each of the original paintings on my blog.

Beautiful sky paintings brought to you by the colours of spring!

A spring colour palette is bright and fresh, full of the promise of renewal and good things to come. These art prints are bursting with the colours of spring: the pinks, peaches and mauves reminiscent of a carpet of wildflowers combined with the golden hues of a warming sun that welcomes each new day. 

But pink ... pink is really the heartbeat of this collection.

Go big with canvas wall art

The brushstrokes and colour palette in these paintings translate beautifully to the art print format. Creating art prints from oversized original paintings delivers spectactular results because the basis for prints is such large paintings. That means lots of room to develop the image, blend colours and refine the artwork with fine brushstrokes.

As with all my fine art prints they are available on both museum-quality paper and canvas with sizes ranging from 8" x 10" right up to the full sized 40" x 40". Canvas art prints include an extra 2" canvas border to create a gallery wrap so you can achieve the feeling of an original painting for a fraction of the price. 

Where the images allows, I'm delighted to offer these art prints in vertical formats and with horizontal options in additional to their 'native' square format. I hope this means that you can find the ideal art print to bring the light and love of a spring sky into your home.

large magenta sky art print in navy blue room