Susannah Bleasby 'In Bloom' collection of contemporary abstract floral original paintings

'In Bloom' contemporary flower paintings

"To plant a flower is to believe in tomorrow. To paint a flower is to believe in forever."

I'm thrilled to release a new collection of paintings this week, and I've been eagerly awaiting the moment to share a full preview!

Inspired by gardens bursting with colour, this collection of contemporary, slightly abstract florals includes 18 original acrylic paintings on gallery wrapped canvas in a variety of sizes as well as fine prints and canvas wall art.

The originals, art prints and for the first time ever greeting cards (YAY!) will be available for sale on Thursday July 8th at 11am Eastern here on my webshop. In the meantime, enjoy the preview below!

acrylic flower painting navy

'In Bloom - navy'
12" x 12"

grey blue flower painting
'In Bloom - grey blue' 
30" x 30"

The collection grew around my signature white blossom, which I explored with colour and composition. Each abstract floral painting ended up telling its own story, showcasing not just the beauty of the bloom but also hinting at how my ideas grew along the way.

acrylic flower painting green purple

acrylic flower painting teal
12" x 12"

Colourful, slightly abstract, grown completely from my imagination and full of life. Painting flowers on colourful abstract backgrounds rather than in their natural environment gives me an opportunity to highlight the beauty of the blossom and the unique personality of each one.


yellow abstract acrylic flower painting with Canadian artist Susannah Bleasby
36" x 36"


acrylic flower painting mauve
12" x 12"

acrylic flower painting white blossoms in studio
36" x 36"


Painting flowers is endlessly fascinating.

They have a straightforward beauty but can be grand and stunning. While they may seem simple at first glance, the more you look, the more layers of complexity reveal themselves.


acrylic flower painting sage green
'In Bloom - sage green'
12" x 12"

pink flower painting with Susannah Belasby
'In Bloom - pink white'
30" x 30"


Bold and simple brushstrokes, perfectly imperfect shapes filled with colour and an underlying feeling of calm, peace and simple joy.


acrylic flower painting dark blue
12" x 12"

yellow flower painting on canvas

40" x 40"


acrylic flower painting lavender
'In Bloom - lavender'
12" x 12"

Your perfect bloom is waiting!


abstract blue flower painting in studio
36" x 36"
acrylic flower painting bright blue
12" x 12"

horizontal pink flower painting
48" W x 32" H
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