A collection of original paintings that gathers ideas and color into one cloud-filled celebration of the kind of landscapes I love. From a bright spring dawning over the land, to a playful rainbow sky lighting up the world, to blustery clouds rolling in over a deep blue lake, this collection holds it all. As always, there's hope on the horizon and dreams that begin where the land ends.

Colección: 'Land's End' (November 2023)

Welcome to the edge of the world, and the beginning of forever.

Inspired by nature's wonders, where trails, shores, and clouds come to life on canvas. Each painting is an invitation to pause and take in the view.

As always, my imagination takes off where the ground sinks away; up, up and away, to where the wind plays and light dances through the clouds. With this collection, happily, I return to colour. I wanted these abstract skies to feel wide open and alive, and the only parameter I set for myself was permission to surrender completely into the creative process itself. As much as I could, I kept these 'heart' paintings, not 'head' paintings. Feeling paintings, not thinking paintings.

I softened into the flow and followed the moment-to-moment evolution of each painting, letting the drips and splodges be my guide. Each unexpected and unplanned brushstroke felt like a delightful breadcrumb, leading me to the next, unveiling the path ahead. I reveled in this process, hour after hour, simply delighting in the journey and watching these skies evolve until I arrived at the final view, experiencing a deeply satisfying feeling of having found what I was looking for.

If the original painting you had your eye on has sold, or if you don't quite have the room for a large-scale original, an art print is a great alternative. I create prints on both museum-quality paper and gallery-worthy canvas prints in a range of sizes to suit every space. Browse the Land's End collection of fine art prints or all my print collections and find the image that speaks to you!

sunrise landscape painting