pink paint blob

Think Pink!

Pink isn't just a colour - it's an attitude.

I've never, ever come close to being a 'girly girl,' and can honestly only remember pink in my life being associated with a certain kind of confidence and power. Perhaps it was my obsession with The Pink Ladies ('To act cool, to look cool, and to be cool'), but I have always thought pink was IT.

pink ladies

It had little to do with being a girl but everything to do with its influence over my heart. It was just a colour that made me smile and seemed to fit a certain part of myself. And clearly still does, as pink has often been the colour of choice for my annual 'self-portrait' project.

original rose acrylic abstract painting on canvas by Canadian artist Susannah Bleasby

Self portrait 2022, 'Rose'
An abstract painting from the 'Summer Detours' collection.

Gallery highlights "in the pink"

Thankfully, we've come a long way from thinking pink is just for little girls, and while the obnoxious bright pink associated with the plastic Barbie world is likely too much for some, pink, in all its many, many hues, is actually a fabulous colour that I use in my work all the time. 

pink fine art autumn forest painting

'Rosewater' from the 'Lakelands' collection.
This vibrant pink autumn forest painting continues to be available as a wall art print.

One look through my gallery and you'll see pink making an appearance in the warmest autumn sky, the punchiest abstract floral and the the optimism of a sunrise. Whether it's casting a rosy glow over a landscape or infusing energy into an abstract painting, pink makes its presence known in a way that never fails to delight.

pink floral abstract wall art print in bathroom

'Somersault 12-8'
From the 'Somersault' collection of colourful abstract paintings, 'Somersault 12-8' offers a fresh floral vibe to wall decor.

New pink art prints in my collection

strawberry pink sky painting

'Strawberry Sunset' (original sold)
Now available as an archival art print.

Someone once told me I was a 'Strawberry person' (looks okay on the outside, sweet on the inside, but soft and easily bruised), and well, if I am what I am, it's no wonder my latest pink sky just sends my heart all a-flutter. And while the original was immediately scooped up by a collector, I'm thrilled to now have this beauty as part of my print lineup.

abstract pink flower wall art print
'Pause' (pink) (original sold)

And because I just can't get enough - I'm excited to unveil a new abstract celebration of pink in this juicy painting, 'Pause (pink).' The original painting is currently on exhibit in Australia as a finalist in the Fairholme Art Prize but you can add this juicy squeeze of vibrant to your walls as an art print!