Weird and wonderful, bright and beautiful. My abstract paintings are all things playful and fun. They are naive and curious children, endlessly asking questions and needing me to experiment with colour and shape in search of the answer. They are perfectly imperfect in their oddity and fabulous reminders that weird is wonderful. 

收藏: 'Detours'

Weird and wonderful, bright and beautiful abstract paintings

The infusion of color into a space works wonders, lifting spirits, sparking curiosity, encouraging playfulness, evoking joy, and effortlessly bringing a smile to your face.

How can I style abstract art?

My favourite way to style the square art prints in this collection is as art pairs or series. You can easily create a colourful cluster of small art prints that reflect the colour palette of your home for kitchen wall decor or a daisy-chain staircase gallery wall.

If you want to make a statement impact with large art prints, consider the pair of Emerald #1 and Emerald #2. These are the two largest original paintings in the 'Detours' collection and were painted side by side, so they're a match made in emerald green heaven. Take a look at how the full-size abstract original paintings look alongside each other in the blog post I wrote around the time I was finishing up this collection.

Art print options to consider

There are options in the printing style you can choose for the artwork in your home. When you select prints on museum-quality paper then you would frame them behind glass. If your styling direction is heading towards modern chic and you are going for a series of small prints or a gallery wall, you may find that uniformity in the framing is a pleasing balance to the freedom of abstract art. 

Canvas art prints enhance the look and feel of an art print with the addition of the texture of canvas. My canvas prints are available in two formats: a gallery wrap - where the artwork is printed with a on the sides that will wrap around a frame - or with the edges left white.

The choice between art prints on paper or canvas prints is mainly personal preference. For larger sizes people often prefer a prints on canvas as the finished piece will be lighter more economical than framing behind glass. But with so many matting and framing options for paper prints, it really just comes down to the look you're going for.

four small abstract wall art prints